• Flexibility • Accountability • Communication • Efficient and Effective Solutions



Experience is the Difference

  • The Executive team at WCL Management Services offers unrivalled transport experience and expertise with a combined 250 years of experience into the management and delivery of complex transport operations. Our consultants are carefully selected to ensure a balance of detailed operational and localised knowledge who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and innovation in transport operations. Our service delivery team has highly complementary skills sets and qualifications ensuring maximum levels of accountability in management decision making.
  • We are an internationally experienced transport operator specialising in transport management and consultancy with offices and consultants located globally delivering industry-leading experience in transport operations


Local Solutions

  • WCL Management Services is committed to maximising local engagement in all international assignments. Our Executive and Consultancy teams understand that transport solutions must be individually tailored to local conditions and environments and through the implementation of key strategies including local stakeholder engagement, industry engagement and maximising opportunities for the local community to leave a positive and lasting local legacy in transport systems
  • Green credentials – the critical role of environmental management and minimising adverse environmental impacts from transport services is a key consideration in all operations managed by WCL Management Services. In addition to the utilisation of vehicles designed to minimise emissions and comply within international emission standards, programs including carbon off-set schemes, continual tree and habitat growth and hazardous material reduction combine as part of an overall strategy of responsible and accountable environmental management.



  • Innovation in service delivery has resulted in the continued success of WCL Management Services. Solutions that enhance operations, maximise utilisation, reduce expenditure and increase the quality of transport services throughout the globe.
  • Innovation in vehicle design, para-transit operations, technology systems including GPS tracking, remote vehicle control systems and passenger refinements including wi-fi, seating and amenities provide points of differentiation and efficiency in passenger transit services.