WCL Management Services provides secure transit and courier operations for parcels, packages and individuals throughout the world. This highly specialised operation is based upon understanding the complex security and logistical tasks required to ensure that sensitive items for clients ranging from federal governments to defence agencies are collected and delivered within set timeframes and with constant monitoring and visibility provided to all clients.

Our service delivery personnel are carefully screened and complete extensive international security checks to guarantee that secure parcels are transported by highly trained and accountable staff.
Sensitive items are constantly tracked, managed and coordinated via WCL Management Services’ proprietary systems that have been extensively developed based on years of experience and acknowledging the detailed and accurate information required by clients in the management of their individual secure transit service.

Supporting these services is the WCL Management Services’ Technology Management Centre. This state-of-the-art facility operates 24hours / 7 days per week and is operated by highly skilled and qualified technicians trained to monitor secure transport operations for vehicles, equipment, parcels and personnel. The second generation of this facility is scheduled for construction throughout 2016 and will further increase security monitoring capabilities and provide clients with enhanced visibility of their secure shipment.