GroupWCLThe strength of WCL Management Services is centred on our reputation for high quality service delivery to provide localised transport solutions with worldwide management and consultancy experience. Our success is based on our 4 key principles:

• Flexibility • Communication • Simplicity • Accountability


  • WCL Management Services is a highly experienced passenger transport and project management company operating in a diverse range of transport and logistics sectors with key clients including Government Agencies, Commercial Transport Providers, Private and Public Transport Authorities and Major Event Organisations;
  • The greatest strength in WCL Management Services is senior management team who offer combined 250 years of experience into the delivery of complex transport operations including passenger transport with complementary skills sets, qualifications and administrative services, ensuring maximum levels of accountability in management decision making
  • Innovation and strategic planning of service deliverables is a key differentiator between WCL Management Services and similar organisations. The ability to analyse transport operations and develop solutions that reduce expenditure, maximum efficiency and customer service delivery enables clients to capitalise on this innovation and has lead to developments including wheelchair transport operations, route testing and timing and the utilisation of technology to achieve operational success
  • WCL Management Services utilises comprehensive transport management technology systems that have been extensively tested in a metropolitan and regional transport environments including fleet management services, provision of bus and coach transport services and emergency response / on-call response transport. These systems provide significant client/provider interaction and maximum levels of transparency and accountability for WCL Management Services as the service provider. In addition to fleet/operations control software, WCL Management Services utilises extensive software systems and processes to ensure maximum compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Management, Fatigue Risk Management and Quality Assured Management requirements and to maintain the highest standard of service delivery;
  • WCL Management Services provides dedicated Project Managers to liaise with client representatives to ensure that all required milestones and deliverables are realised through development and maintenance of key planning documentation including service agreements, transport operations plans, vehicle procurement schedules and the completion of required reporting guidelines.
  • WCL Management Services management and safety systems are certified and accredited to the highest standards – we do not utilise ‘equivalent to’ or ‘same as’ systems for Quality Assured Management, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Compliance – we meet and exceed all best practice and compliance standards
  • Technological systems implemented by WCL Management Services are based on utilising industry-proven commercial software – significantly reducing the risk of system failure to key clients and other stakeholders;
  • Project Management personnel and administrative staff are highly experienced in transport service delivery and have a sound understanding of bus transport operations, fleet transport systems and contract management;
  • WCL Management Services provides an effective option for all luxury transport solutions;

Risk Management Planning and systems are developed and implemented in accordance with ISO 31000:2009 principles reducing risk of service failure and maximising accountability.