The team at WCL Management Services represents unparalleled experience in complex transport operations with the Senior Executive and Consulting team combining 250 years of experience into the management of highly specialised transport operations including:


  • passenger transport operations
  • emergency transport services
  • public transport network design & optimisation
  • specialised transport projects including Defence Transport Services and heavy vehicle training services
  • major event transport services
  • preparation of contracts, service agreements, vehicle technical design specifications and operational documentation


The strength of the WCL Management Services team is in providing local knowledge with transport solutions that are highly flexible and adaptable to local operating conditions, simplify complex processes and maximise communication throughout transport networks. Our consultants are carefully selected  from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds including operations, strategic management, technical design and engineering with one critical element throughout the team – a balance of technical skills and operational knowledge. At WCL Management Services, we recognise that our continued success has only been achieved through the careful selection of consultants that have demonstrated commercial history in the management of complex transport and logistical operations and providing localised solutions in partnership with clients.