The preparation of Transport Contracts and Service Agreements is critical to the success of transport operations. WCL Management Services has provided drafting; implementation and contract management services to major clients located in operating environments as varied as Northern America to South Africa, United Kingdom to South America. This has only been achieved through the extensive knowledge of WCL Management Services consultants in international legal practices, governing legislation and significant contract management experience within the executive team. The success of transport operations including the ability to effectively manage services and provide clarity and direction to service providers is primarily based on the initial terms and standards set forth in contract documentation. The team at WCL Management Services, in consultation with client executive has drafted a number of complex Transport Contracts including:

CONTRACT-DRAFTING• Multi-Government Transport Operations
• Provision of Specialised Transport Services Contracts including mass-transit, dangerous goods and National Highway Strategies
• Passenger and Road Transport Service Agreements
• Urban Bus Operating Agreements
• Memorandums of Understanding
• Deeds of Amendment

The effectiveness of contracts and legal documentation within the transport industry is the cornerstone of effective service delivery and accountability for operators, government agencies and regulators. Throughout the drafting and implementation phases of Contracts and Service Agreements, the team at WCL Management Services has developed significant levels of complex intellectual property, designed to manage highly specialised and complex transport operations, maximise transparency and ensure the highest standard of advice to clients in the execution of legal documentation. The qualification of WCL Management Services’ executive in major areas of international practices further enhances the effectiveness of the organisation in delivering high standards of contract performance and key operating standards for all clients.